Once upon a time...


George Korres, just eight years old, starts playing with ingredients behind his mother’s pharmacy counter.


One afternoon he announces to his mother that when he grows up, he will make his own products.


While a pharmacology student, George starts working at Athens’ oldest homeopathic pharmacy where he first begins mixing natural pharmacy ingredients to create natural remedies.



George sets up a homeopathic laboratory at the pharmacy.


Led by his pharmacy heritage and his understanding of herbal remedies, George starts developing cosmetic formulas that are first tested on his own friends. Word spreads about his formulations throughout Athens

KORRES is born.

Chemical engineer Lena Korres joins to run research & development.

KORRES Wild Rose 24-Hour Moisturising & Brightening Cream, the brand’s first ever skincare product is launched. It remains a global best-seller today.


An American buyer spots KORRES products in a pharmacy while on holiday on the island of Crete and calls George Korres asking to import them to the US. KORRES products’ international journey begins.


KORRES begins selling at Henri Bendel in New York City.


The beauty buyer for Harvey Nichols, London, spots KORRES and immediately places an order for the store. This domino effect spreads KORRES products to most parts of the world.


Inspired by the long-lived Greek tradition of applying yoghurt to sunburned skin, KORRES Greek Yoghurt Cooling Gel becomes the brand’s next global innovation. The cooling gel is the first cosmetic worldwide based on edible yoghurt and becomes an instant international hit.


KORRES COLOUR launches, bringing the brand’s skincare and efficacy philosophy to a make-up line with natural active extracts.


The Greek Association of Pharmacists honors George Korres for his contribution to Greek trade and business development. In March, KORRES is listed on the Athens Stock Exchange.


The brand launches its Formula Facts initiative to communicate in an honest and transparent way the natural percentage of each formula, as well as the ingredients that are selected and those that are avoided.


KORRES develops an exemplary, first-for-Greece, herbal extraction unit. The same year, the brand completes a mapping of Greek flora, fulfilling its long-term vision of exploring and promoting the beneficial activity of the country’s unique, native plants.


KORRES introduces the Black Pine Firming Collection, the brands most advanced natural anti-aging skincare line. Based on the NOBEL-awarded discovery of the proteasome, the KORRES Research & Development Lab, in partnership with the National Hellenic Research Foundation and the University of Athens, began primary research on Proteasome & Human Ageing in 2004.


Inspired by the beauty of Santorini, KORRES develops a body care line based on Assyrtiko - a white wine grape indigenous to Santorini. This unique ingredient is cultivated and harvested by the Union of Santorini Cooperatives / Santowines – one of many KORRES collaborations with organic farmers.


KORRES celebrates 20 years of radiant skin with a journey back to its roots and a modernized version of its very first ingredient, Wild Rose Oil.


The new Wild Rose Vitamin C Active Brightening Oil is infused with real rose petals and is boosted with a stabilized version of vitamin C for incredibly advanced brightening and tone repairing.

The oil is awarded the Allure Best of Beauty Award.

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