Herb: Olympus Tea / Sideritis Scardica

Olympus is a massive cone-shaped mountain -the highest in Greece-, known as the abode of the 12 Gods of Greek mythology and the site of the throne of Zeus, leader of the Olympian Gods pantheon. It is also known for its unique biodiversity -it is home to 1,700 different plant species, some of which are rare or endemic. Olympus Tea grows at the foothills of the mountain, where the village of Karya is located. A variety that thrives in unique climate conditions.


We source the delicate organic Olympus Tea blossoms from Dimitris and Vassilis Chalkias.

Local farmers that have first adopted sustainable cultivation methods, protecting the species endangered wild populations.

Our cooperation became the catalyst for the preservation of this plant species, setting the example for other farmers.

The latin name for Olympus Tea is Sideritis scardica. Sideritis means ironwort and derives from the Greek word for iron, ""σίδηρος"" (SEE-thee-ros), literally translated as ""the one who is of iron"".

In ancient times, Sideritis was considered a great remedy against war wounds from iron weapons.

Olympus Tea blossoms are harvested once a year, around the end of June.

They are then dried naturally. This is the raw material we extract for our formulations.


Olympus Τea blossoms are stored in stable humidity and temperature conditions, while undergoing strict controls to ensure specific quality parameters, such as absence of pests and plant diseases.

The extraction takes place at the environmentally-friendly, certified KORRES Extraction Facility.

Using the maceration method and 100% natural, skin-friendly solvents, we ensure that the qualities of our potent natural actives are sustained.

Technical Data

Appearance: Liquid, yellow-brown color, clear / Shelf life: 12 months / Composition: Glycerin, Water, Sideritis scardica flower, leaf, stem extract / Production time: 1-3 days / Certifications and Standards: ISO 14001 and ECOCERT, Extraction Unit - ISO 16128, Natural ingredients - Certification of organic production of plant material / Production method: Maceration / 1st KORRES INCI application: Sideritis scardica flower, leaf, stem extract for "KORRES Greek Mountain Tea Extract" (trade name) / Plant ingredient functions (INCI): Antioxidants; Skin Protectants; Skin-Conditioning Agents


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