Herb: Santorini Grape / Vitis Vinifera


The Santorini Grape (Assyrtico) is the prevailing white vine variety, indigenous to the island, cultivated over a 13,000 acres' area.

The vineyards of the Union of Santorini Cooperatives account for 85% of the island's arable land.

Santorini Grape (Assyrtiko) is an ancient vine variety that remains phylloxera free -only a few such vineyards exist worldwide.

The vineyards grow on their own roots with sea mist water, a mist that drifts across the island at night to be captured by the thirsty leaves in the morning dew.

The Santorini Grape cultivation is unique in the world; close to the ground in the shape of a basket, protecting the grapes inside against winds and sunlight, while locking-in the essential sea mist water. We source the by-products of the cultivation from the Union of Santorini Cooperatives -the marcs. It is the first time that the great volume of winemaking by-products, instead of being discarded, is used to produce a cosmetic extract.

Giving a second chance to by-products of a number of different cultivations is one of the greatest achievements of the KORRES Soil Lab.


Santorini Grape marcs are dried naturally under the bright Grecian sun.

Once in our Extraction Lab, the raw material is stored in stable humidity and temperature conditions, while undergoing strict controls to ensure specific quality parameters, such as absence of pests and plant diseases.

The extraction takes place at the environmentally-friendly, certified KORRES Extraction Facility.

Using the maceration technique and 100% natural, skin-friendly solvents, we ensure that the quality of our potent natural actives is sustained, including antioxidant compounds, such as polyphenols.

Technical Data

Appearance: Liquid, orange color, clear / Shelf life: 12 months / Composition: Glycerin, Water, Vitis vinifera (Grape) fruit extract / Production time: 1-3 days / Certifications and Standards: ISO 14001 and ECOCERT, Extraction unit - ISO 16128, Natural origin ingredients - Certification of organic production of plant material / Production method: Maceration / Plant ingredient functions (INCI): Antioxidants; Skin-Conditioning Agents